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Drowning is a silent killer!

When most of us think about summer fun in the sun, we think of a great day at the pool or beach. But without careful attention, these summer days can lead to tragedy -- in just seconds!

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, drowning remains the second-leading cause of accidental death among children aged 1 - 14 years. The only greater cause of injury related death for children is motor vehicle accidents!  Most parents don't give enough thought to water safety until it's too late.  We encourage you to share this information with other parents.  It is through this sharing of information and educating all parents, particularly new parents, of the dangers around the home, at the pool and at the beach that we will be able to help prevent a tragedy striking your family.

Learn more about water safety, including tips for your home pool and spa by visiting the Consumer Product Safety Commission's pool safety website at!  The website contains sample PSAs and other useful tools to help educate viewers about water safety.


A companion website may also be found at:


We encourage you to visit us on FaceBook where we post links to news stories and water safety information that may be of interest.  Search for "DeRosa Aquatic Consulting" on FaceBook and "Become A Fan".


The following water safety tips may also be of assistance. 

Water Safety Tips from Aquatics Expert Shawn DeRosa Beach Safety Tips Home Pool Safety
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Water Safety Tips
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